​​Shenandoah Valley Equine Rescue Network

Q: What are the adoption fees?
The adoption fees are vary depending on the horse’s experience and rideability.

Q: Is a farm inspection required prior to adopting?
Yes. It is our responsibility to make sure our horses are taken to an appropriate location where we are assured they will be well cared for.

Q: Is a farm inspection required after adopting?
SVERN reserves the right to do a farm call to check on their horses that have been adopted out. We simply want to assure that the horses are not going to go into situations that they came out of.

Q: Does the adoption agreement allow me to keep my adopted horse at a boarding facility?
Yes, we only require to be notified if the horse is moved to a different location or a different boarding facility than is stated on the adoption agreement.

Q: Is there a radius limit to how far away I am able to adopt from?
No, however, you will need to come to SVERN several times prior to adopting so that you may work with the horse and discuss the process of adoption with a board member.

Q: If I am no longer able to care for my adopted animal, would I be able to sell or give to someone else?
SVERN horses can not sold. If there is an arranged placement, SVERN will do the farm inspection and transfer the adoption if it is approved by SVERN. Horses otherwise are expected to be returned to SVERN to be placed again.

Adoption FAQ

Q: If I am interested in adopting a horse, who do I contact?

A: You may email us at info@svern.org or send a message through Facebook. A board member will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your interest.

​Q: What is the process?

A: First, you would contact us to discuss your interest and needs, the the type of horse you are looking for, etc. After this, we will schedule a time for you to come meet our horses. Depending on the horse and rider’s capability, you will work with the horse prior to finalizing any adoption.  If the adopter and SVERN agree to the placement, SVERN will do a farm inspection and adoption papers will be prepared.