​​Shenandoah Valley Equine Rescue Network


Q: What volunteer opportunities are available?

A: There are currently several opportunities available for our volunteers. Listed below are areas in which you can contribute to our rescue.

  • Treasurer (Board Member position, preferably someone with accounting experience)    
  • Weekly Feeders
  • Horse Care
  • Barn Chores
  • Farm Maintenance
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Events Committee    
  • Grant Committee

Q: Is there a minimum age you must be in order to volunteer?

A: The minimum age to volunteer is 14 years old, however, anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian present.

Volunteer FAQ

​Q:How do I become a volunteer?

​A: If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email us at info@svern.org or send a Facebook message to Shenandoah Valley Equine Rescue Network. Our Equine Programs Director will typically respond within 24 hours.

Q: When are volunteer orientations scheduled?

A: Volunteer orientations are scheduled based on the availability of our volunteers. We usually schedule an orientation with you within 2 weeks of your initial email/message to us expressing an interest in volunteering.

Q: Do I need to have previous experience working with horses in order to volunteer?

A: You do not need prior horse experience to volunteer with our rescue. During volunteer orientation, we will provide the training you need in order to properly take care of the horses.

Q: What forms will need to be filled out prior to volunteering?
A: The forms that must be signed prior to volunteering are the Confidentiality Agreement, Liability Release, and Farm Rules. These forms can be obtained via email. Please print and sign prior to your first volunteer orientation, where you will turn them in. 

​Q: What times are available to volunteer?
​A: This depends on the area of interest you would like to volunteer, however, we are flexible in terms of what times work best for you. 

Q: If I am volunteering, am I allowed to bring someone with me to the rescue?
A: Visitors are not allowed in the stalls, pastures, or paddocks without all forms, including the liability release, signed. If you bring someone who has not previously met with a board member to sign these forms, they must stay on the outside of the gate. 

Q: Will I be able to ride the horses at SVERN?
A: Currently we do not have availability for our volunteers to ride the horses. In the near future, we are working towards creating an incentive program in order to allow our dedicated volunteers to be able to ride. If you have extensive horse riding experience and would like to ride, please contact our Equine Programs Director indicating an interest in joining our training team.

Q: How much time does a feeding typically take?
A: A feeding will typically take 45 minutes, however, this depends on how many horses we have at the time.

Q: What if I am scheduled for a feeding time but unable to make it that day?
A: If you are unable to make a scheduled feeding time, you may post this on our Facebook feed group and one of the other volunteers will cover it for you. You may also call one of our board members and we will find someone to fill the feeding time.