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Our Story

Shenandoah Valley Equine Rescue Network (SVERN) was founded in 2010 by a group of concerned citizens who saw and recognized a need to join together in action. Together these citizens began to provide assistance to neglected horses in the area. Our mission is providing care and rehabilitation to unwanted, abandoned, neglected, abused, and malnourished horses. It is also our mission to educate the public in all aspects of horse ownership and care. 

It is our goal to band together with the community, horse owners, law enforcement, and good Samaritans alike, to help recognize and prevent abuse. SVERN provides a place for horses that need to be removed from their owners, and once placed with us these horses are given the care and medical attention they so desperately need. 

Once these animals have been returned to a healthy physical state and emotional state of mind, they are then evaluated by trained professionals to determine what type of owner and home will best suit each individual, and what type of training will be required. Once rehabilitation is completed, horses are available for adoption. We strive to match the right horse with the right owner so that our rescued horses can continue to thrive and enjoy the quality of life they deserved from the beginning. 

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