Make a friend for life

Adopting a rescue horse is among one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences a person can have. We at SVERN strive to help you find the perfect fit for your home, and will work with you to make sure that you and the horse both find their forever match. Our adoption policy includes a meet and greet, a farm inspection,  and a reference check in order to ensure you are getting your perfect horse. Fill out our adoption application or email us to get started!



Ginger is in her mid 20s and is around 14.2hh. Ginger was surrendered to SVERN when her owners were moving and unable to bring her along. Ginger is a senior horse with cushings, but otherwise is a very easy keeper and a very gentle horse. Adoption fee: $300


Dallas is a 17 year old 16.1 draft cross. Dallas is a lanky draft cross, not at all built like a draft other than his big feet and big head! Dallas was surrendered to SVERN when his owner passed and he was left with an elderly relative. Dallas has arthritis in hocks and needs to be managed. With management he can be ridden by an experienced rider only. Adoption fee: $500


Dillon AKA Dill Pickle (18 years old) is a farm favorite! Dillon was surrendered to SVERN when his owner passed and he was left with an elderly relative. Dillon is blind in his right eye, and is suitable for companion only.  Dillon is the absolute sweetest horse and gets along with all other horses and people. He is the perfect companion! Adoption fee: $300

Barbara Ann

Barbara Ann (16) is an exceptional girl! She came to SVERN when her owner fell ill and was no longer able to dedicate the time to her. Barbara Ann had gotten a little wild from being left to her own devices, and we took our time getting her used to being a horse again, now she is an awesome horse that is currently being lunged under saddle. She will need an experienced horse home.


Rocket-man is a beautiful 18 year old paint gelding. Rocket was left on his own when his owner fell ill. Rocket has done really well with us, despite being a little feral on arrival. He has started lunging under saddle, and has been ridden at a walk with us. Rocket will need an experienced owner that understands his reintroduction to riding will take patience.



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