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Make a friend for life

Adopting a rescue horse is among one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences a person can have. We at SVERN strive to help you find the perfect fit for your home, and will work with you to make sure that you and the horse both find their forever match. Our adoption policy includes a meet and greet, a farm inspection,  and a reference check in order to ensure you are getting your perfect horse. Fill out our adoption application or email us to get started!

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Hanging out

Large Marge

(15 years old, Approximately 16.3hh)

Large Marge (OTTB) is a big girl, but she has one of the sweetest personalities. Marge will do best in a companion only home. Due to prior injuries. 

Adoption Fee $400



(10 years old, Approximately 16hh)

Stella is a thoroughbred that is not tattooed and has had a lot of handling. She is very willing once she understands the task. Stella is going to need a vary experienced home where she can blossom. Stella's great with being haltered, groomed and is very sweet and very trainable. 

Adoption Fee $1000 subject to change with training 


(15 years old, Approximately 16hh)

Buttons (OTTB) is our little one eyed wonder here at SVERN. We do not have a history on why her eye is missing, but it doesn't slow her down at all. Buttons is a fun ride with so many hidden potentials. She just needs the right home to finish bringing her along. Buttons will do best with someone that has training experience or that is working along with a trainer. She requires patience and trust building, but she is so worth the effort. Buttons adoption fees is $1000

Rocvket With Maddie.jpg


Rocket is a Tennessee Walking Horse cross in his 20s. That is approximately 15.2hh. Rocket is recently retired, but still able to do leadline at the walk. Very sweet and beautiful boy. Easy to handle and loves being around people.

Fill out an application at and send it to

Adoption fee is $800

Barbara Ann

Barbara Ann is a 14.3hh Morgan Quarter Horse cross in her 20s. Barbara Ann would do best as a companion.

Fill out an application at and send it to

Adoption fee is $500

Barbara Ann

Cherry Blossom

Registered name 'All American Girl' 2010 mare.

Cherry Blossom is a really sweet chestnut mare that is approximately 15.2hh. We have not explored her knowledge base, but she seems very willing with a good brain.

Fill out an application at and send it to

Adoption fee is $1000


Registered name 'Just A Song' 2012 mare.

Beautiful OTTB that is loving and sweet.

Will do best in a companion only home due to diminished sight and prior injuries.

Fill out an application at and send it to

Adoption fee is $800



Estimated 7 year old unregistered tb.

Glamour is a shorty at around 15hh. We are unsure if she is broke to ride, but she is the perfect project with the sweetest personality and the best brain.

Fill out an application at and send it to

Adoption fee is $800


Registered name 'Mycandleinthewind' 2013 mare.

Flicker is approximately 16.2hh. Flicker is a stunning dark bay with a really adorable face! Flicker is definitely a horse that needs an experienced home and benefits from a routine. Flicker is being restarted with us this spring and her adoption fee is subject to change with training.

Fill out an application at and send it to

Adoption fee is $1000



Arabian Quarter Horse cross just under 15hh. Cherokee is in her late teens and definitely a project that requires an advance handler. Cherokee can be very sweet, but also very marish. 

Fill out an application at and send it to

Adoption fee is $500


Adorable Palomino Quarter Horse. Barbie has the best personality and always wants to be around people. She is a Very Friendly Horse. Barbie does require equiox once a day for an injury that resulted in a dropped hip. For this reason she is also not rideable, but a really easy keeper.

Fill out an application at and send it to

Adoption fee is $500



Approximately 15 years old 15hh. 

Remy is an adorable Tennessee Walking Horse and has been restarted under saddle at SVERN. Remy will benefit from an experienced home to bring him along.

Adoption fee: $1,000 and subject to

go up with training. 


"Pixie Playgirl (BC)" Pixie (11 years old)  is a really nice and smart OTTB mare around 16hh. She has no vices so far under saddle. She has excellent ground manners and will stand quietly for baths, clips, and the farrier. Pixie is also very easy to catch from the field! This horse has beautiful confirmation and loves to please! Pixie is currently

being fostered in Middleburg VA.

Fill out an application at and send it to

Adoption fee is $2,000



"Call Me Tiger Lily" Valkayrie (13 years old) is an unraced tb that is ready to do whatever job you have for her! She ties, loads, clips, and stands for the farrier. This stunning mare has been restarted under saddle and has not shown any vices so far. She is also a petite lady at only 15.1hh!!

Valkayrie is being fostered in Middleburg VA. 

Adoption fee: $2,000


"Green Spaces" Sassy is an unraced 13 year old tb that is eager to please! Sassy prefers turnout to stall time, but still has wonderful ground manners. She bathes, clips, and stands for her pedicures! She is not very tall at around 15.2hh. Sassy has been lightly backed with a saddle and is ready to be your next project!!

Fill out an application at and send it to

Adoption fee is $1,000



Percheron approximately 15.1hh and 15 years old.

We are currently evaluating her at this time.

SVERN Adoption Process and Policy

We at the Shenandoah Valley Equine Rescue Network strive to find the best possible homes for our horses.
We hope our policies reflect that sentiment.
We are available to do adoption meet and greets by appointment only.   

We initially require an adoption application. If you know what horse you want to apply for, put their name, if not please give us the most detailed description possible of what you want in a horse. Email is preferred when sending the application, our email address is Please feel free to ask questions via Facebook, email, etc. prior to applying if you feel the need to. Once your application is received and reviewed, a SVERN representative will contact you, normally also via email so please make sure to check your inbox! Keep in mind that we are mostly volunteers, and we will get to you as soon as we possibly can.

We require a one-time deposit of $100 to come meet our horses for adoption. This deposit will go toward any adoption for up to 1 year and is required before the initial visit. It can be sent via our donate button on our PayPal.

Should you decide to move forward with the adoption of one or more horses we will at that time conduct our farm inspection. After the approved farm check we will have you sign our adoption contract and pay the adoption fee. Our contract is such that the horse remains protected throughout its life. We require our adopters to maintain vet, farrier, and basic care of the horse; should the care not meet the requirements, we reserve the right to take the horse back into the care of SVERN. We do not allow horses from SVERN to be bred or resold. Should the adopter be unable to care for the horse, SVERN requires that you send them back.

Our goal is to only find good homes. We will do whatever we can to ensure that the adopter and the horse are getting the absolute best possible match. We want every adoption to be that horse’s forever home and their last stop in life. We make a promise to our horses, our community, and ourselves to never let our horses be mistreated again after rescue. These steps, while they may seem cumbersome or overbearing at times, allow us to keep that promise. We appreciate everyone who wants to save a horse and we cannot wait to find the horse for you! 

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